Catch of the day

After doing some boat clean-up yesterday, putting the net away, etc. we are pretty much done with the fishing responsibilities. We'll spend a few days in Craig and then run the boat to Ketchikan, and from there I'll probably fly out to Seattle. Ron has a place up here, so while the weather's still good he wants to get it ready for winter. As a result, I got to see this today.

That is Bill. Bill is Ron's friend who logs for a living. He is cutting down a tree for Ron to use for firewood. We drove out to this spot today, which was great because we got to see more of Prince of Wales Island. We drove past this:

Look! A real road, seen from a real car!

We went through Klawock, where there's a little totem park with some beautiful Tlingit totem poles.

And then we turned onto this little dirt road where we saw a few deer and drove through some of this:

Finally we got to Tree #1, the one that is kind of sticking out from all the other ones.

Bill scampered off into the woods like a squirrel, but a squirrel waving a really big chainsaw.

And then this happened:

Except there was a loud crash, too. This tree was too rotten, though so we cleared it out of the road and moved onto another.

Yeah, Bill carries his chainsaw, slung over his shoulder, by the blade.

Tree #2 was too green. But, third time's the charm, right? Tree # 3 was it! But, it fell away from the street, so Bill cut it into rounds to carry out one at a time.

Then we split them and stacked them in Ron's truck. It all felt very rugged and Alaskan. Lesson of the day: Logging smells better than fishing.

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