Deer hunting? 08.30

Yes, I went deer hunting this morning. Luckily (?) we didn’t catch anything. So, I got to drive around beautiful Prince of Wales Island, explore a little black sand beach, and do a little target practice with a rifle.

Yep, got my extra tufs on. Footwear of choice for Alaskan fishermen.

These guys (can you see them?) are too young. We’re not allowed to shoot anything that doesn’t have antlers.

The two on the upper right of the lower target, the orange and green circles, those are my first two shots. My next shot was inside the yellow ring. But I had stopped taking tourist photos by then. Not bad though, right?

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  1. You seem to be a fast learner -- quite an improvement in your shooting of the target!

    The third photo, whether you count from the top or the bottom, is lovely!