Who needs an underwater camera?

All I need is a large building with glass-walled rooms that are filled with reconstructed marine ecosystems.

Like the Seattle Aquarium!

This bull kelp is in a big dome that you can stand under. Check out that diver! He's over our heads. Those bags he's got are full of squid and herring because he's about to feed the fish

We saw them feed the octopus, who looked an awful lot like the one that Rudy caught on the Rosanna Marie when we were crabbing. And there are sea otters and seals.

I like how clearly you can the seal's....toes?

And these are coral polyps! There's a whole section of the aquarium devoted to Pacific coral reefs.

And this is a tufted puffin. And Sean. And me! You can watch the birds dive and catch fish under water. It's pretty amazing--they're fast and graceful and not at all as silly as they look on land.

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