Fishing for Halibut 08.31

We went halibut fishing with a long line this afternoon. Long lining is really different than seining. It’s kind of more like crabbing, actually. Here’s Dennis setting up the gear, tying hooks on along the length of the line:

We baited the hooks with octopus, herring, and salmon, and left the gear to soak for a few hours.

Then, we pulled up the line slowly to check each hook, gaffing and pulling up fish one at a time and tossing untouched bait or anything else that got hooked (we got a couple of starfish). I think seining is better for instant gratification, but there’s more anticipation in crabbing and long lining. We caught these two guys, which I guess wasn’t too bad.

It seems all I am doing these days is learning how to kill things, with moderate success.

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